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Steel ARP 7 /16-20 fastener: 65 ft/lbs. with anti-seize.

Titanium Smith Precision 7/16-20 fastener: 40 ft/lbs. with anti-seize.

NOTE: with these titanium fasteners absolutely NEVER use an impact gun. Gently snug by hand, finish by torqueing smoothly until handle clicks. NEVER over tighten. Smith Titanium is the preferred fastener choice for AL Driveline base flanges.


Steel 3/8-24 ball gear fastener: 45 ft/lbs. with RED Loctite. This bolt should be checked regularly! We offer a ball gear tool that allows access to this bolt. If you check this bolt regularly, you may use anti seize.

Steel 5/16-24 U bolts/ARP nuts used with 44 Magnum U-joints:

15 ft/lbs. with red Loctite. When rebuilding a 44 magnum U joint be sure to remove the dried excess Loctite with a wire wheel, then clean the nuts and U bolts with acetone and allow to dry. Once red Loctite has been applied, quickly snug fastener by hand, finish by torqueing smoothly until handle clicks. NEVER over tighten. Be sure to inspect inside the cross cups to ensure all of the needles are in place and that there is sufficient grease applied. The grease bores should be full using RED Energy Release grease.


The way you fasten the torque tube to the rear-end is critical. The best fastener to use for this is Smith Precision titanium studs with steel heat treated full length 12 point ARP 3/8-24 nuts. Blue loctite studs into rear. CMD pressure lube on outer threads finished by torqueing nuts to 27 ft/lbs. Failure to follow these install instructions can result in torque tube coming loose from rear which can cause damage to your driveline.



Winters PN 2975 female swivel pre-drilled to .050"- .060" for priority oiling, AL coated swivel ball, Krytox swivel ball grease. Our grease will outlast any grease on the market. We guarantee it. Ball gear should be inspected every 2-4 races. With the Krytox grease, it works hand in hand with the rear oil (PureMax 75w/90 works best) ... Allowing the grease to survive for 10+ races in a 410 (yes, even on hammer down½ miles). During that 10 race span, simply add grease to areas that look low/light on grease. After 10 races, clean off grease and replace with fresh. Krytox is to ONLY be used on outside of ball gear and inside female coupler. Every 10 races, remove ball gear and grease between ball/shaft using your conventional torsion bar or yoke grease. Always check ball gear fastener!

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