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Precision Titatnium Drivelin
Precision Titanium Driveline Products

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When you increase Diameter and decrease Weight of a shaft, you increase its Critical Speed. The Critical Speed of a rotating shaft is the speed in which it begins to operate with strong resonant vibrations and becomes unstable. In terms of a Sprint Car Drive Shaft,

this is when the drive shaft starts to turn into a vibrating jump rope,

which typically leads to premature U joint failure.

Titanium is extremely Forgiving, as its fatigue resistance and

High Tensile Strength makes for a properly designed Drive Shaft.

AL Driveline's Titanium Drive Shafts have the perfect balance of

Weight, Strength and Forgiveness of any drive shaft available, PERIOD

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3 Piece Fabricated Titanium Drive Shaft

44 Magnum U joint

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Confirmation

Ball Gear Coating & Grease Solutions

Aluminum or Titanium Base Flange Options

Ball Gear Install/Removal Tool

Crankshaft Adapter Flanges for Ford to Chevy Conversion

44 Spline Engine Turnover Tool

Spline Options for U joint & Ball Gear

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