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Precision Titatnium Drivelin
Precision Titanium Driveline Products

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When you increase Diameter and decrease Weight of a shaft, you increase its Critical Speed. The Critical Speed of a rotating shaft is the speed in which it begins to operate with strong resonant vibrations and becomes unstable. In terms of a Sprint Car Drive Shaft,

this is when the drive shaft starts to turn into a vibrating jump rope,

which typically leads to premature U joint failure.

Titanium is extremely Forgiving, as its fatigue resistance and

High Tensile Strength makes for a properly designed Drive Shaft.

AL Driveline's Titanium Drive Shafts have the perfect balance of

Weight, Strength and Forgiveness of any drive shaft available, PERIOD

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3 Piece Fabricated Titanium Drive Shaft

44 Magnum Gold Series Universal joint assembly

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Confirmation

Extreme Temperature Driveline Grease

Maintenance tools and accessories

Crankshaft Adapter Flanges for Ford to Chevy Conversion

44 Spline Engine Turnover Tool

Spline Options for U joint & Ball Gear

Billet 7075 ONE Piece Torque Tube

5" Torque ball 

Forged 2024 housing 

25 tooth swivel ball gear coupler

Billet 7075 ONE Piece Torque Tube

Billet 7075 ONE Piece Torque Tube

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